Magento – Problem when importing a database using SSH: ERROR 1031 (HY000): Table storage engine doesn’t have this option


We were just a database via SSH command ( mysql -h localhost -u Nutzer -pPASSWORT DB-NAME < backup.sql) in eine Datenbank einspielen. Dabei erhielten wir nach einer kurzen Zeit aber immer wieder den Fehler

ERROR 1031 (HY000) at line 3757: Table storage engine for ‘catalog_product_relation’ doesn’t have this option

This error is natural for most users slightly different but basically the same problem.

It helped here directly in the SSH command

enter and confirm. Then, the dump is searched for "ROW_FORMAT = FIXED" and selbiges then sacked without compensation.

Then the import worked then without demolition.

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Magento – use double opt-in for the Newsletter

Unfortunately, there is at Magento the problem, that the double opt-in feature, it so generously gives to the Newsletter, not really work. When a customer clicks when registering on the checkbox, that he would like to receive the newsletter in the future, he will receive, at best, to confirm his account but a mail asking no mail confirming his registration Newsletter. However, this can be changed.


To do this, copy the file app / code / core / Mage / Newsletter / Model / Subscriber.php in the folder app / code / local / Mage / Newsletter / Model /

Then added ca. bei Zeile 459 after

the following lines

Furthermore, according to the line

the line

That it should have been already.

Für alle, the nice newsletter checkout extension of Quafzi [HERE] use, To display the newsletter checkbox in the last step of the checkout at a glance, which should also take the app / code / community / Quafzi / CheckoutNewsletterSubscription / Model / Observer.php under the microscope. On the one hand the checkbox is by default checked, which is not allowed under German law. Thus, should the line

change in

Furthermore, the line

comment out or delete.

Used in Magento Version 1.9 Comments? Additions? Notes? Gladly!

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Magento – the Route / Controller / Action path out

There are several ways to find out which route / Controller / Action path has one side of the shop. This is required e.g.. if you want to exclude or certain areas of the shop for functions just include. A specific application is e.g.. extension Members Only Catalog by Vinai Kopp. The extension can be used, to the shop "complete" and to grant access only registered people.


Under German law certain pages must (such as e.g.. the imprint) but always be visible. Thus, this page should be visible to a person Unregistered.

In the Extension specific areas of a shop by entering the path can now be divided into Route / Controller / Action excluded from inspection.

To do this, simply copied quick and dirty following code e.g.. in the header.phtml of your own templates (top pure):

Then load the front end and the desired page and at the top is everything.

A CMS page would e.g.. the path cms / page / view

The Use Registry customer / account / create

I forgot my password? customer/account/forgotpassword

Once you know what you need: Remove code again.

Used in Magento versions 1.4 – 1.9 Comments? Additions? Notes? Gladly!

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Magento – PayPal Plus is suddenly no longer displayed


We have added a new store instance in a multi-shop and under this new shop we wanted to PayPal Plus with the module of i-ways continue to use.

In all shops payment is offered by bank transfer as a "third-party" payment. This is integrated directly on the extension in PayPal Plus, where it is displayed.

When testing the checkouts fell on, that the "third party information text" was a little ambiguity in the statement for the customer. Thus, we concretized the description text a little.


After further adjustments on the side, Then we went back a checkout test only to find, that suddenly in step 4 checkout was shown nothing in payment information. No PayPal Plus, No payment methods ...

It then took some time, to identify the problem and fix it: The extension it does not like, when quotation marks are included in the description text!

When not but this, fold it back to the display.


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Magento – @ Font-face does not work

Mannomann, I have the font-face issue played around until it finally worked has.

I will not go into the details long, but only give concise instructions:

Problem: I want to integrate a custom font in the side, I ask locally on the server available.

In order to integrate these into a template, I use the @ font-face instruction in the loaded CSS file. And up front.

The font files are then of course in o.g. Directory. Of course, you do not have to offer all formats. WOFF is probably currently the most compatible. There are some online converter, that create a the other formats from its font, which can then be put on the server.

So you should be actually in a position in a CSS class and "font-family: "My font";"To have the desired font.

Unfortunately, this quite often does not work as desired, and one seeks and finds the error.

In general, one of the main points, that the URL should be same, as the domain called as the base URL. Thus if you have a subdomain deposited, you should also invite these. The domain should be that of, which is displayed in the browser, if you load the page.

Here I had tried the font in a multi-shop from a different domain (another shop the same installation) to load, the shop has but unfortunately refused.

So far I have not found a solution to use a dynamic path. It always had to be the absolute path.

It is also important: If you have entered a htttp address in the base URL, want to load address must also be an http address. but one used throughout https, must be https it!

I hope, that it will help one and other.

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Magento – Cart after registration empty

It comes every now and again before, that one has the problem with Magento, that the cart after the user has logged in the user account is suddenly empty. There are other similar incidents, you can possibly fix this little tweak:

> Configuration go in the backend under System> Web and there then at "session cookie management" Cookie Path enter a "/" and including your own domain. This has often helped.


If you have seen the problem before more accurate, you could see again and again, that a session / a cookie for the "www." Domain and the "." domain received. And this led to problems from time to time.

Update vom 15.11.2017

A problem, which had just occurred in this context, that only Chrome users logged out of the application immediately / have been signed out if you clicked on a link. For Firefox and IE there were no problems.
The problem was likely to continue in connection with the conversion of the entire page on SSL / https.

After adjusting the setting as described above (except for the slashes in the "cookie path", this was omitted), then flipped it back and problem.

A similar theme is also available HERE.

Used in Magento Version 1.9 Comments? Additions? Notes? Gladly!

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Magento – provided only specific domains with password protection in a multi-store, with multiple domains

We were working on a multi-store, with multiple domains for several different front ends.

Now, a new front end with a new domain should be added. Of course, the task was to make the domain and the shop before the official release is not available to. Thus, a solution had to be, to a single domain but not to block the entire shop.

Many hosters offer the possibility comfortable to provide a directory with password protection - usually with a .htaccess solution. This would bring us but not much here, because we do not or a solution to only one domain, the Magento installation. the directory needed.

The .htaccess solution, however, to use for this case but slightly modified. It can be either from his Hoster create a .htaccess file now or do so at one of the online platforms such as e.g.. HERE.

This .htpasswd you put off at the .htaccess in the root of Magento.

Then you open the .htaccess and writes down there following code:

Of course, both the path to the .htpasswd and the secured end domain be replaced with your own data.

Now the desired domain should be backed up and only if the correct user and password to see his.

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Magento – PayPal (Plus) often creates two bills

At one and the other Magento store we had the problem, that often (not always) two bills for one and the same order created, if these bear PayPal (or. PayPal More) was paid.

This was of course uncomfortable, as some customers were confused when they received two bills, wondering, if they had ordered twice.

After a long analysis and debugging turned out, that (probably) by changing the payment method of PayPal to PayPal Plus another webhook has been deposited with PayPal, so that two confirmations were sent.

Where do you find these webhook? You register with them and goes on the dashboard to "MyApps & Credentials". There you click on "REST API apps" to the relevant app. Then is important to distinguish between sandbox and live (top right of the app name). Below you will find then the webhook. If one on here, that for the same store two (or) are more webhook, the superfluous should be deleted. Generally provides a web hook URL from Sun:

After the cancellation of the second webhook there were only a statement and accordingly even a mail to the customer with the bill.

Used in Magento Version 1.9 Comments? Additions? Notes? Gladly!

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