Magento – SSH Database Import – Problem ERROR 1031 (HY000) at line 2623: Table storage engine for ‘catalog_product_relation’ doesn’t have this option


We have just tried a database dump via SSH (Putty) to play to a new server and received the error: “ERROR 1031 (HY000) at line 2623: Table storage engine for ‘catalog_product_relation’ doesn’t have this option“.

This seems to regard a problem. to be MySQL, if previously an update has been made. We helped the SQL file with a simple text editor (e.g.. PSPad) to open and then locate the "Find and Replace" function following text:

Picture”�� ROW_FORMAT=FIXED;”�� (including. Spaces and excl. “”). This text then replace ";”�� (only one ; no spaces or "").

Then import the SQL file again via SSH-Import. Now it should work without problems.

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Magento – Forward Undeclared customers directly to the login page

If you want to e.g.. a B2B shop up at the log, the user only once / or. must register, to products and / To view or Categories, you can rely on different Extensions. A very common extension is Groups Catalog 2 of power workers.

With this extension, it is possible only to logged in or even just specific customer groups display products and categories and hide individual products for specific groups. So a great extension.

Only at the beginning we had a little action: If the customer comes to the store page / Landing Page he will not be forwarded directly to the login page, but on the backend under "Web" page defined. Here you can indeed login page deposit but this would mean, that the customer now every time, if he wants to "Home" -so clicking on the logo- would land on the login page.

As we do this but do not want, we resort to a little trick. To this end, we have created a new file. This is called "forced-login.phtml" and located in the folder app / design / frontend /[Ihr Template]/[Ihr Template]n/template/customer.

This file is the following code:

Now this file is or. incorporated into the home page CMS by simply opens the home in the back and there the following line in the default text-area inserts function:

Now the system checks, whether the user is logged in. Is it not this, it is passed directly to the login page or he can look at the home page as normal.

Clear are Google & Co. Now get problems, but since you -As in o.g. Solution- the products and categories eh hidden, should the search engines can not find anything on the page. This could also be an appropriate robots.txt entry make clear.

Used in Magento Version 1.9 Comments? Additions? Notes? Gladly!

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Magento 1.9 – Send orders mails immediately rather than cron

Ab Magento Version 1.9 the order confirmation emails are sent not by Event (So after a successful order) but a mail queue, which is triggered via the cron. In many cases, the order confirmation is therefore only all 15 sent minutes.

not really optimal is just with the order confirmation, because the customer expects this after ordering, to be sure, that has really worked out everything. With invoice mails or shipping confirmations contrast, it's probably not as bad, if they were sent a few minutes later. However, these are still sent by Event - ie directly.

For people who would like to, that the order confirmation will be sent directly after ordering, can retrofit this relatively straightforward.

Hierzu kopiert man die Datei app/code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Order.php in den Ordner app/code/local/Mage/Sales/Model/Order.php

und sucht dort nach der Zeile

This is commented out or deleted and replaced by this line

Subsequently, then the app / design / frontend /[IhrTemplate]/[IhrTemplate]/template / checkout / open success.phtml and top yet ago closing the ?integrated> following code:

Then eventually clear the cache again. Now the mails coming but directly after ordering.

Update vom 17.02.2017

It struck, that repeatedly order confirmation emails were sent twice. To fix this, changing the success.phtml was undone (s.o.). So if the problem of duplicate email shipment emerge, then remove this adjustment again and change only the order.php.

Used in Magento Version 1.9 Comments? Additions? Notes? Gladly!

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Magento – Compare products not working

This as a side note,: We have just converted to a RWD template displaying Vergleichsbox from right to left and then had the problem, that while "said" was, that the product was successfully added to Compare, However, he has not been displayed.

This was all the more comical, as it in 1:1 Testshop worked perfectly.

The solution was: Reload Index. After recharging all indexes the problem was fixed and the products were displayed in the Compare.

Used in Magento Version 1.8 Comments? Additions? Notes? Gladly!

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USEr first! Make your shop great again!

USEr first! Make your shop great again!

When you have made the last time even an order in your shop? And we do not mean the provisional functionality testing, but a CONSCIOUS order. If you still think about it now, it is unfortunately too long ago. If we do not even know himself exactly, how it is, the customer to be with us, how are we to find, what we could do better and should?!

So step 1: CONSCIOUS test items in frontend

This already leads us to the next question: Why users should just with ordered us? What is so special? What added value we offer our customers? What should prevent him from among 10.000² other stores to shop with a similar offer?

Step 2: Find The Special

Also we asked ourselves these questions and following reply found.

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Imminent warning wave or occupational therapy – Changes Online dispute resolution

Paragraphs jungle

As we all no longer even knew of sheer boredom, what to do, there is finally replenishment in online dispute resolution. From the 01.02.2017 applies the obligation to provide information to participate in the dispute resolution procedures. If you think now: "Everything in the open area, we still have done long ago. "- thought WRONG, the trip goes on. There is even a negative duty to inform. To make it short and sweet, following overview of key features:


According to §§ 36 and 37 VSBG (Consumer Dispute Resolution Act) have company expanded disclosure requirements regarding the readiness / commitment to participate in dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer arbitration body.


This change occurs from the 01.02.2017 in Kraft.


online retailer, what NOT operate exclusively in the B2B sector and only then, if they have committed themselves to participate in a dispute settlement procedure. Furthermore, there is an exception for operators, the most 31.12. last year more than 10 have employed persons. This counts the number of employees head, regardless of the agreed working hours.


Informing the consumer is to take place online and in text form. It is important, express yourself clearly and intelligibly. An exemplary formulation for negative information obligation:

"We are neither obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board."

After a dispute arises, the consumer must in accordance with § 37 VSBG in text form (e.g.. email or fax) the willingness / commitment to participate in a dispute settlement procedure, stating the relevant consumer arbitration board including. Address and website are informed.


The information should be easily accessible to the consumer. It makes sense, therefore,, the Conditions, the imprint as well as the order confirmation (as email) to use.


We knew, that this question would come ... As we are in this respect still to answer search, let's go just to the conclusion about.


The law is to 01.02.2017 develop its validity. Whether it is however also bring just anybody benefits, is questionable. But the examination of the subject of information provision seems little not to implement. "Beautiful good day, I surf here degrees on your side. Did you have to 31.12. last year more than 10 Employee?”��

Failure to act is not also help. The jump to the paragraph-train is inevitable, should want to arrive without warning at railway station.

When reading, we recommend on this subject the article in the IT law-firm.

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Magento – Own CSS for page, a category or a product

PictureIf you want individual products, Categories or CMS pages an individual design / give your own style, can by the involvement of private, done special CSS file. There are both products under Catalog> Products> Manage (Select product) > Design (or design) > Custom Lyout update as well as categories Catalog> Manage Categories>(choose category) > Own design> Custom Layout Update and also in CMS pages under CMS> Pages> (Select page) > Design> Layout Update XML supports own XML snippets insert. But here you can both own HTML layouts also include your own CSS files.

Thus it is easily possible to create a new CSS and this then involve as desired. To this end, the following code will be used only in the layout update box:

meinstyle.css is then naturally replaced with the name of your own CSS file. This is then in the folder skin / frontend /[Custom template]/[Custom template]/css stored.

Used in Magento versions 1.7 – 1.9 Comments? Additions? Notes? Gladly!

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Magento – Extension of the Base Price Extension, to show the basic price even with quantity discounts


Due to some requests we now have an extension of "Basepricecreated "extension, which allows the base price even with quantity discounts (animal Prices) anzeigen zu lassen.

It already has the o.g. be installed in the store base price extension and they must be set up and function naturally. With our expansion, the basic prices are then displayed behind the rebates.

If interested, please provide brief contacting.

Used in Magento Version 1.9 Comments? Additions? Notes? Gladly!

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