Magento Wareneingang per Barcode- New Features

We've always been proud of our Magento goods-in Extension. With the latest extension update we have added more features, every Magento administrator or. colleagues should make perfectly happy in the camp.
Features im Überblick:

  • Goods receipts can be posted in Magento directly by scanner
  • Every goods obtains a reference to the order number and delivery
  • To avoid preventable detections, appears the most recently acquired order and delivery note number as the default
  • The Wareneingangslog contains goods receipt date, Article, Quantity, Delivery note- and order number and user
  • Can for the goods receipt posting 2 Product attributes are defined, the fields must be defined as unique, to avoid false bookings – OR!
  • Alerts, if the stock before booking was negative (e.g.. for reservations) are in the Magento backend freely definable
  • Optionally can be a status change for deactivated items on active set after goods receipt
  • Optional status change from Out of stock Articles to In stock, provided a positive inventory is achieved by the goods receipt posting
  • Individual item Barcode Printing after goods receipt- OR!
  • To be printed bar code is freely definable on attribute list- OR!

By now 2 incoming attributes to be defined individually can eg. for articles with barcodes, the corresponding item attribute can be used, for items without a barcode, the item number.

Through the articles individual bar code printing can be printed, such as part of the Magento goods receipt for items without barcodes. This helps both in order processing, significantly as well as inventory postings.

Click here for direct Magento Wareneingang.

The extension is of course still fully compatible with our Magento ERP Extension.

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Magento – Article inventory after import always wrong

It's curious: For obvious reasons, not really the stocks of many or all items are always wrong. One reason for this is not really comprehensible.

The reason is the import of product data. If you import some or all of (in a record, there is no problem, since the existence of the first-mentioned Article is adopted for all) Article on the Magento own Importer, which in the Magento backend system via > Import/Export > Import is to find, be changed all stocks for the imported products, regardless of whether the stocks are listed in the import file or not. Are the stocks in the import file available, only the existence of the first article taken and set for all other products, No stocks included in the file, are the stocks yet all changed.

The error is up in Magento 1.7 included and is located in the file product.php in the folder app / code / core / Mage / Import Export / Model / Import / Entity /.

Here one must, To resolve the error between the lines


yet the line

be inserted.

It looks like this:

Thus, the import runs correctly and then the stocks are not written wrong.

Used in Magento Version 1.7. Ask, Comments, Proposals? Us directly or as a comment.

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Magento – Extension for incoming goods with Scan option / Inventory management with bar code scanners and

Who maintains the inventory on Magento and not a separate Warehouse Management System (LVS)/ Enterprise resource planning system (WWS) uses, will be delighted by this extension.

So far had every receipt complicated by catalog > Products bearing the amount of work to be set manually. That was not fun and lasted.

The fact that the complete range of goods economy with functions such as inventory, Bestandsinformation (systemisch vs. physically), Receipt, Product History uvm. is not really there, is probably obvious to everyone already noticed. We have tried to fill this gap with our ERP extensions for Magento and so far received a very good response to our customers. All Warehouse Management Extensions, see HERE in our shop with a detailed description in German and English.

But here we want only on the topic Receipt enter.

After installation of the GR Manager for Magento, can this in the backend of Magento catalog under > Commercers > Incoming goods are found.


In conjunction with our Bestell Extension for can here every goods receipt nor the own order number and delivery note number must be stored. These will be clearly displayed in the goods receipt History. So later always clear when Continue reading

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Magento – For indexing takes stock of. Please try this process to start again later. – Index and indexing on processing


If either of indexing the status of the various Magento indexes / Indices wie z.B. Remain stock on processing and no longer subject to change and manually rebuild the index when attempting eg. the error message “For indexing takes stock of. Please try again later to start this process.” appears, there's usually a problem with the so called. Lock files.

These lock files are located standardmaäßig in Magento root folder under var / locks and lock the change to the appropriate Information. Continue reading

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Magento – M2E Pro cron job ändern

Who the great extension M2E Pro for automatic Synchronization of the Magento Stores with Amazon and / or eBay used, may wish to later adjust the cron job. So if you want to adjust the set repetition of Cron Jobs, needs only to the folder

\app code community Ess M2ePro etc to go, config.xml to open the file and there e.g.. after

<cron_expr>*/1 * * * *</cron_expr>

search. This indicates, that the M2E extension every minute does its work. This can be changed quickly, if you e.g.. from the 1 a 5 or 15 makes. Continue reading

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Magento – Browse Files… and upload files for the upload will not be displayed


What is that? Completely new, fresh and beautiful Magento Installation. Everything is nice and round and youthful.

BildWhen creating new products suddenly turns but then the problem, that the two buttons to upload (Browse Files und Upload Files) of the product images are not there where they should be actually.

There are now various approaches.

  1. If the buttons do not generally appear – So in other Magento stores do not – or they are e.g.. but does not appear in Internet Explorer, Firefox, it could be a well- Flash bzw. Flash Player Plugin Problem Continue reading
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Magento SEO Multistore Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt for multiple stores

With the shop system Magento, you can quickly and easily create many individual and independent shops, all look different, offer other products, have other prices and especially under their own domains are accessible.

But what with Search Engine Optimization for Google, Bing etc. from, if you have several shops? Since only a common file system used, you need to employ a few tricks here.

  1. In each case, create a sitemap.xml per Store:Bild
    Magento can default sitemap.xml only the creation of THE. There is no (standard) This possibility to rename (more info HERE). Sure there are extensions for, which the tasks quickly and comfortably, But there is another way.
    One can each sitemap.xml but put in different folders.
    Thus, we place in the Magento root directory one directory per shop to sample:
    - sitemap-shop1
    - sitemap-shop2
    - sitemap-shop3
    Then we go in the Magento backend to catalog > Google Sitemap.
    There we click on “Add Sitemap”, give as Continue reading
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