ACE – Auto Content Extension für Magento

With the Auto Content to be simplified extension for Magento .commercers the content maintenance of your webshop and offer the possibility of automated text attributes of your products with relevant content fill.

All you need is your existing product attributes, which then by the Auto Content Extension be used, to the individual characteristics (Color, Material, Size, etc.) to consider your product in the respective content.

How does it work?

Similar to a mail merge function. To create a gap text is supplemented at defined locations by values ​​of the product attributes.


our product {product name} from the collection {collection} in the trendy color {Color} You get in our shop.

Due to the free use of the attributes, connected to the gap texts you receive (fast) unlimited content options. The extension allows the installation of any number Auto Content-The profile, which you their own Fill in the Blank (possible more per profile) assign and define how product types, visibilities, Category affiliations etc. should be possible to apply this profile. The filtering options are varied, so that a very fine control of the content maintenance is possible.

You save by using the profile not only a lot of time when creating new articles, but also minimize the error, the possibility arise.

So is always guaranteed, that you represent item descriptions in the same style and your shop shines through consistent professionalism.

As another example, we have used the search engine optimization. The annoying creating the meta title, Meta keywords and meta description does not have to be made for each individual item. Auto Content filled this article attributes to your specifications, and realize the full potential of SEO.

If you plan to expand your shop to an additional language, translate only the product attributes and create appropriate Auto Content-Fill in the Blank. To be able to act quickly and above all economically. Translating each description is not so.


Our item {Product name / English} of the collection {Collection / English} in stylish {Color / English} in our shop.

There are many other areas of application, such as providing the sales templates for portals such as Amazon and eBay: Prepare the Auto Content-Extension for Magento templates for portals ago, let the extension work for you and ensure at the same time the duplicate content is avoided (not for the default description is used).


Summarized: You can use Auto Content Edit for Magento with just a few clicks, many or all of your products. The high efficiency of this extension will save you time and personnel.

What several people would take days, created our extension within minutes meaningful content.

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