“Have I told you lately that I hate Magento 2?”

This is a slightly different line of a very beautiful song, the buzzing me more often by the head in the last days. Now I work for good 8 Years with Magento and have all versions since 1.4 (maybe even a little – is too long). So I can say much to see and experience.

Now I was nevertheless forced me after much reluctance and discouragement with Magento 2 to grapple directly after I already tested it at the appearance, and as “let's wait” dismissed again.

I can wholeheartedly (and because in principle, not everything was better before!) say, I Magento 2 terrible find! My new motto is #IHM2 – fittingly both English and German – I hate Magento 2!

It should be faster than M1 – I could not feel anything so far from.

It should be comfortable and tidier than M1 – it is…anders. Certainly get used to it, However, I have not bemägelt a lack of order in M1.
Just the possibility to filter a list of such orders or products – M2 at one must first on “Filters” click, then out looking for the right filter, since the filters are not next to each other as the columns and then it starts…unnecessary!
If you want to edit a CMS page or block, does not help the click of the respective block, you have to first “Select” then click and “Edit” – what shoud that? Toll, I have a by the click “Quickedit function” but how often you name the URL Key times just to compared to substantive changes in the text?

How to get the new Magento Connect “Web Setup Wizard” back to back? I have except for changing the URL is no facility / a link found.

And only installing Extensions….a horror! If you do not work with Magento Connect and the cozy “Drag and Drop to Rootfolder” liked – it is also still. Just so it's not done! To all, who do not have shell access to your server: forget M2 (how it works currently)! After each one has DnD by Shell / Command Line (frequent tool is here Putty) initiate the installation of the extension (e.g.. by “php bin/magento setup:upgrade”). M2 is then the extension to be installed in the file bin / config.php Enter -as often there was on the part of M1, a change to a file? Ok, installed patches were noted…but otherwise?
Sometimes a Deploy is also necessary (“php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy”) – and has what it takes. Here, significantly more changes may be made than you really wanted. Just quickly is not.

A problem, which can provide here: M2 expected to run the o.g. commands min. PHP (cli) Version 5.3 – is this not available, it will be difficult. While there are workarounds, but they are not without. One can possibly. access a server-installed higher version, if one does not

“php bin/magento [command]”

carries, but

“/usr/local/php7.0/bin/php bin/magento [command]”

This helped in our case.

It continues with the M2 horror:

If you used to work at the template, one found frequently in the skin folder again and there in each of the CSS own themes. Today this is no longer quite so simple.
The front end displays CSS -as Example- is located in the folder pub / static / frontend / Theme / Theme. So if you smaller, makes continuous adjustments to the CSS and later deployed, all changes back away… Why?
Magento copies the CSS (and images etc.) from the folder app / design / frontend / Theme / Theme in the o.g. Directory AND it also deletes files and folders, are not in the most recent folder available.

So how do you work within the meaning of M2 at CSS? Very easily: Just writes in the CSS in the app directory and need for each change (you'd like to see) the cache management, “Static Files Caches” delete. Efficient, or?

but – I could go on writing for a long time and the one and other is now safe to think “nonsense – that's much better” – but I allow myself my personal Shit Storm or Fire letter with my personal opinion GANZ, currently the rage drives me into the hair tips.

Therefore # IHM2 and “I remain (for the time being) at M1”

but, that feels good – I'm off 🙂

2 comments on ““Have I told you lately that I hate Magento 2?””

    1. I can not say anything about this. In general, I am satisfied with Magento 1.x. As I learned yesterday from a good source, is the magento 1 Support also to min. 2020 extended and what comes next…wait and see. If enough people express for M1, there are still many ways here. So I'm quite relaxed.
      Shopware is certainly a decent system, remains for me M continues everyday system.

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