be informed of special orders always immediately – Notify Me! for Magento

So orders - often we get requests from shop owners on notifications of exceptional order processes, non-standard because they e.g.. as one of 100 Orders by Express and not sent as a standard package will. The aim is therefore to simplify and automate manual audit processes, at best, in the processing of orders.

In such cases, we refer to our Extension Notify Me! for Magento. Bei Notify Me! create self-rules, similar to the famous basket price rule principle.

Create your shop an information chain, the process-relevant people to learn about a special order. This could be the example of a dangerous order, which must be dealt with separately. Other examples of orders, who would go down as one of many standard orders once in bulk and provide disgruntled customers and unnecessary additional costs:

  • Expressversendungen, declared as standard shipping and arrive so late ("If delivery =" Express "then send defined message to defined(n) Receiver").
  • COD, which are sent free, and thus represent losses across the board ("If payment method =" COD "then send defined message to defined(n) Receiver").
  • You have undesirable customers constantly return the orders? Then use Notify Me! to create blacklist rules around here to be able to intervene in the ordering process on time and sending mglw. to stop in time ("If the billing address Surname =" Doe "and first name of the billing address =" Manfred "is, then send defined message to defined(n) Receiver").
  • Similarly, you naturally also have the option particularly welcome customers to give pleasure with a little attention - To do this, simply create a whitelist rule (s.o.).

So you can create as many rules, the product data according to defined, subtotals, item quantities, total weights, PAYMENT, Shipping methods etc. automatically look out and inform you immediately, they met. Both each separately and in combination.

Whenever something is different in the standard ordering process, They are carried Notify Me! relieved on one side, since you no longer have to manually look through all the orders for a possible special order and on the other hand, the risk is minimized, that a special order as a standard job is treated.

We all want to have satisfied customers and good reviews, the more annoying it is when we pass small errors in the ordering process could have been avoided, this is where Notify Me! an.

Streamline and secure your execution process chain Notify Me!.

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