Commercers – more than 10 years of digitalization experiences with Magento – Professional services and passion for your project as well!

We are faced with new challenges every day, regardless of whether B2C, B2B, B2E shops, (advertising media) call portals or special solutions in the online area. We would like to thank our customers for this, because only in this way can we continue to develop and become even better. You too can benefit from it. Contact us.

Who are the Commercers ?

  • Commercers are 20 passionate, highly motivated and specialized commercers in Germany and Vietnam. Everyone with their individual skills and yet all united in a common understanding of service. Our goal is satisfied system users, regardless of whether this is the consumer in the B2C shop, the B2B customer or the sales representative in the area of advertising material retrieval systems.
  • We are a full service eCommerce agency. We offer all components in the eCommerce area, from shop design to shop creation, portal connection and shop handling (including debt collection and support hotline).
  • In all of our activities, Magento is the focus of our activities. We are not only good at Magento, but excellent. One of our shops was awarded the Top 10 Shop in Germany at Meet Magento.

What projects can you implement with the Commercers ?

  • One-item shop(often in addition to a marketing campaign for the launch of a new product, only this one product was offered in the shop - more like a content page with a purchase function)
  • Cash-Back-System (Customers have bought a product in retail and get part or all of the purchase price back as an advertising measure. To do this, they have to enter the necessary data in a form and upload a copy of the proof of purchase. The amount will then be transferred back.)
  • Money-back-system (similar to the solution mentioned above, only that this is about "not satisfied? Money back")
  • Contest page (lots were distributed in local trade (scratch) with unique codes. After entering the code, the system recognizes whether it is an instant win (and which one) or whether it is possible to participate in the main raffle. Depending on the type of win then created and sent a shipping order to logistics or made an entry in a separate list so that the draw could be carried out at the end of the competition.)
  • Loyalty campaign (customers can collect points, for example, for purchased products or redeemed codes etc. - they can use the points to select and order rewards. The order to logistics is automatically transmitted and the feedback to the customer after the product has been shipped.)
  • Closed shop (only accredited and approved users can access the shop, see and order products. Here it can either be defined that customers can log in but can only be activated after checking or new customers can only be created via the admin.)
  • Website without order function but with the possibility to offer products at any time.
  • Online storage solution (Customers can order storage boxes that will be sent to them. Fill them with the things they would like to store but have no space and send them to the central warehouse with the return label provided. Need the items back or want to exchange them , you can call up the box from your customer profile at any time and have it sent to you.)
  • Various apps as a connection to the system (we have already created customized iOS and Windows apps to be connected to the special system used and to make the ordering process highly efficient.)
  • Service / rental shop (time-limited "items" can be ordered with various calendar functions.)
  • Shop portal (providers can create a profile and post their own articles in the portal system of the main provider and sell them to a large target group - similar to Amazon Seller Central or eBay.)
  • Product individualization (own name or own logo / picture on a product? Sure!)
  • Voucher shop (buy vouchers to give away, etc., if desired individualized, print them out yourself or have them printed.)
  • In the field of digitizing advertising material distribution and highly specialized retrieval systems in the B2E area (also known as "field service retrieval system") , we are among the market leaders with a hardly comparable functional portfolio. This includes functions such as detailed quota management, satellite warehouse control, budget and cost center functions and much more.
  • In addition to advice, design, creation and support , we also support our customers in optimizing the flow of visitors. This includes comprehensive SEM- (Search Engine Marketing) measures such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) as well as on-page optimization (speed, content, security, multilingual ...).
  • To multiply product perception , we offer an (almost) seamless connection of the shop to portals such as Amazon and eBay. The complete shop management runs via the shop including possible interfaces to CRM, ERP, logistics etc. Articles, stocks and orders are played directly from the shop into the portals as well as status reports. Some of our customers use the shop system exclusively as a back office for the portals and do not use the shop front end at all - it can be so easy and uncomplicated to get products in and order from the large portals.
  • The goal of a successful cooperation is that our customers can concentrate on their core competencies, knowing that we will do the same. True to the motto "Relax - we will do it for you!"
  • If you have a product but don't want to or can't take care of the online business, we offer you an all-round service. And there is everything in it. We sell your products in the commission business (in our own name) and create and run the shop in consultation with you. Marketing measures, connections to portals, financial processing (including the provision of PayPal, Amazon, bank etc. account), customer service (telephone hotline, chat, mail / ticket system),after-sales services - everything you need. At the end of the month you will receive a clear statement of product sales and a credit minus commission or service fees.
  • Proactivity, flexibility and transparency are a matter of course for us! We work according to our motto "It can only work if both sides enjoy it"
  • Reliable cooperation based on partnership is a MUST for us. The collaboration with creative agencies , our customers goes without saying..

You can find detailed information on our service areas on the following pages:

Business to Consumer or B2C - this is what shops are called whose target group are (mainly) consumers.
We create individual B2C shops with functions that your consumers want.
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A Business to Business shop or B2B shop is the term used to describe a shop offer for business people. B2B shops have very specific requirements in terms of functions and structures in order to be able to optimally map trade between traders.
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Less known are the so-called Business to Employee or B2E systems. They have very specific requirements for functions and processes. We have created a flexible and scalable solution that integrates complex B2E functions and processes into an intuitive system.
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