Lotteries / Competition promotions

There is hardly a relevant brand that does without competitions today. Luck code in the lid or in the packaging, scratch cards and many more are common and hardly a visit to the retail trade is without the attention being drawn to such an action.
For manufacturers and retailers, such promotions promise increased awareness and sales for the consumer a little bit of thrill and maybe a change in the shopping cart.
Die Experience shows that consumers are also ready to make some efforts for smaller incentives. However, no competition action will be successful if the process used is not optimal.
We gained our first experiences with competitions when postcards were sent in or packaging parts had to be cut out and sent in. We optimize this in many ways with our digital solutions.


  • (Almost) real-time processing
  • No mailing (CO2 footprint!)
  • Communication channels are short and digital
  • Data does not have to be recorded retrospectively - hence no administrative problems and errors
  • Entrance histories
  • Real-time evaluations possible
  • Direct measurability
  • Flexible query of relevant information (market name etc.)
  • Low implementation costs compared to traditional sweepstakes
  • Reliable and 100% fair profit education through two-stage drawing (two systems)
  • GDPR functions such as double opt-in, data collection minimization, exclusive storage on German servers, backup systems etc.


  • Flexible form for entering the necessary participant data
  • Upload function for picture of voucher, coupon, barcode etc. simply by linking directly to the smartphone's camera app or uploading via selection
  • Commercer's VeriCode procedure for making multiple uploads more difficult (more information)
  • Direct link between code and assigned prize (participant enters their code in a field and receives feedback about their prize directly or alternatively via the possibility to take part in the main draw)
  • Two-stage competition with incentive to agree to contact options and / or to receive newsletters
  • Couponing competition - customer redeems voucher directly at checkout, for example at Edeka or Real (X € on product Y) and thus takes part in the raffle
  • Direct connection to voucher portal for cinema voucher profit (100% digital) with the possibility to define film or discount.


  • Generation of your own landing page with your own URL but also integration into the manufacturer's website
  • The customer journey for all of our solutions always remains brand / manufacturer-oriented
  • Competition interface flexibly optimized for brand and campaign
  • Multiple use of a competition instance (one instance per manufacturer & several independent action pages)
  • Integration into the customer website is also possible, so that participants never feel that they are leaving the website
  • Raffle functions in connection with shop function in which customers "win" a code that entitles them to purchase a limited product (more information)