Digitalization of promotion = ePromotion

We have been working with manufacturers, brands and products for many years. This has allowed us to work together with our clients and their agencies on great projects. In these projects we always ask ourselves the question:

What exactly is a MARKE ("BRAND")?

Some in Germany claim MARKE comes from the German"merken" (remembering) and this is certainly a very good approach, which in any case corresponds to the wishes of the manufacturer.

A brand should be in the mind and in the best case even beyond the actual target group; for example, all German Tagesschau-viewers (News) are familiar with a yellow-packed, drinking product for losing weight or a green product for irritable bowel syndrome - whether they need it or not.
Thus, mainly the effective placement decides on the as a brand - from advertising to the head.
With our ePromotion services, we support manufacturers and their agencies in the effective placement of their products.

Commercers offer efficient software solutions for your lottery, cash back promotion and other ePromotions

If you haven't already done so - take a look around with your next shopping tour - you will be surprised how many companies organise competitions.
It is also striking that many are very inefficient and customer-unfriendly. Does that still have to be the case with modern systems?
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Test a new product without risk? Or encourage the target group not to buy the standard brand? In this and other cases, cash back promotions are often used. In this case, the customer is refunded the purchase price or part of it after the purchase of a product. We offer companies highly efficient all-round processing with a customer-friendly process.
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In addition to raffles and cash-back, we offer further ePromotion offers. Through our partner network we are able to provide your customers with downloadable cinema vouchers, discount stamps for large retail chains, individualised products and much more as a thank you, prize or other gift.
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