Amazon- and eBay-services

The importance of portals like Amazon and eBay has increased dramatically in recent years. According to a studyby the IFH Cologne, a total of 46% of all online sales in Germany were made via Amazon in 2018.
After Amazon, eBay is certainly the second eCommerce platform that most consumers would call.

It is all the more important to connect your own online business with efficient connections to high-revenue portals such as Amazon and eBay. Commercers have advised many online shops on this topic in recent years and created interfaces.

Advice and connection and support - your products on Amazon, eBay and Co

A connection and listing of products on sales portals such as Amazon and eBay has become essential.
The share of sales in the portals continues to increase, contrary to the development of organic online shops.
We help you to place your products successfully in the relevant portals and also ensure efficient order management and processing.
Our solutions place your products semi or fully automatically on Amazon and or eBay and are continuously synchronized with regard to stocks, descriptions etc. Orders are accepted and managed fully automatically by Amazon and ebay; from incoming orders to shipping confirmation and returns.
Amazon is now the largest product search engine; positioning is correspondingly fiercely contested. Because only optimized product listings increase the visibility of your products and increase sales.
You can rely on our experience in optimizing the product listing. Our main starting points are keywords, descriptions, reviews, bullet points, keywords and questions and answers.
We also support you with product and seller evaluations and analyze for price and competitive situation. On request, we can also place product ads on Amazon and optimize your ranking with Power URLs. Of course, we also offer our full service including operational processing and the customer hotline for Amazon support. We can also offer the aforementioned service portfolio for eBay and other portals in a slightly modified form.