Cash-back - & try for free - promotions

Would you like to place a new product and give your target group the opportunity to try it "risk-free"? Do you have a product that is in the shadow of a competing product and want to create an incentive to "try it"?
In such cases, we would be happy to create a "cash-back" or "free-trial" mechanism with you, in which your customers will either be reimbursed the purchase price of the product (or part of it) or the product may already be reimbursed at the POS is offered free (or at a discount).
We offer various approaches to offer our customers a calculable and transparent process and to offer the target group an attractive and comfortable promotion.


  • (Almost) real-time processing
  • No mailing (CO2 footprint!)
  • Communication channels are short and digital
  • Data does not have to be recorded retrospectively - hence no administrative problems and errors
  • Entrance histories
  • Real-time evaluations possible
  • Direct measurability
  • Flexible query of relevant information (market name etc.)
  • Low implementation costs compared to traditional processes
  • GDPR oriented through double opt-in, data collection minimization, exclusive storage on German servers, backup systems etc.


  • Flexible form for entering the necessary participant data
  • Upload function for picture of voucher, coupon, barcode etc. simply by linking directly to the smartphone's camera app or uploading via selection
  • Commercer's VeriCode process for risk minimization by making multiple entries more difficult when uploading
  • Cash-back by transfer to account alternatively transmission of a voucher for the next purchase (product-related - redeemable directly at the checkout)
  • Free trial by registration with subsequent submission of a voucher for direct redemption at the POS.


  • Generation of your own landing page with your own URL but also integration into the manufacturer's website
  • The customer journey for all of our solutions always remains brand / manufacturer-oriented
  • Participation interface flexibly optimized for brand and campaign
  • Multiple use of one instance (one instance per manufacturer & several independent action pages)
  • Optional integration of the campaign page in the customer website via a special server connection
  • Direct mailing connection via partner network to map high-volume mailing campaigns
  • Flexible and scalable